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Experimental pain models for assessment of analgesic effect needs to be reproducible, valid and responding in a uniform way to changes in pain level. The pain system differs in various tissue types and analgesics may have different effects in different tissues. This study assessed the reproducibility of an experimental model using mechanical, thermal and(More)
Visceral pain can be difficult to treat with classical mu-opioid agonists and it has been suggested to use opioids with distinct pharmacological profiles. In animal experiments, oxycodone has shown different effects compared to morphine, and clinical observations have shown that oxycodone may occasionally be superior to, e.g., morphine in the treatment of(More)
The pathogenesis of gastrointestinal symptoms in diabetes mellitus is complex and multi-factorial. Diabetes induced peripheral and central changes in the neuronal pain matrix may be of importance and were explored using a new multi-modal and multi-segmental sensory testing approach. The sensitivity to mechanical, thermal and electrical stimulations in the(More)
OBJECTIVE Animal experiments and clinical observations have indicated a different working profile of oxycodone compared to morphine, and it has previously been shown that oxycodone attenuates visceral pain better than morphine. The objective of this study was to test the effects of oxycodone and morphine on experimental pain in patients with pain caused by(More)
OBJECTIVES Comprehensive experimental methods are of major relevance assessing pain mechanisms in patients with chronic pain. Chronic pancreatitis is thought to involve the sensory response in other visceral organs and somatic tissue. We, therefore, aimed at exploring the pain mechanisms in chronic pancreatitis (CP) using a multimodal and multitissue(More)
To determine the causes of death in Bernese mountain dogs, to assess the prevalence of malignant histiocytosis in the Danish Bernese mountain dog population, and to assess whether a hereditary pattern for this disease exists, 756 questionnaires were sent to members of the Danish Bernese Mountain Dog Club requesting information regarding the life span and(More)
Methods based on cross-sectional ultrasound imaging may be valuable for assessment of biomechanical parameters in the duodenum in health and disease. In 12 healthy volunteers a specially designed duodenal bag containing a high-frequency ultrasound probe was inflated until the perception of moderate pain. The ultrasound images and bag pressures were recorded(More)
Widespread visceral hypersensitivity and the overlap of symptom complexes observed in functional gastrointestinal disorders may be related to central sensitization and neuroplastic changes. A multimodal and multi-segmental model was developed to evaluate viscero-visceral hyperalgesia induced by experimental esophageal sensitization in healthy volunteers.(More)
OBJECTIVE The mechanisms underlying symptom improvement in gastric electrical stimulation (GES) are not fully understood. Modulation of the central nervous system excitability may be involved. The objective of the study was to investigate the central effects of GES, including the possible modulation of the visceral sensory nervous system. MATERIAL AND(More)
BACKGROUND Nearly one in 5 patients with ischemic stroke will invariably experience a second stroke within 5 years. Stroke risk stratification schemes based solely on clinical variables perform only modestly in non-atrial fibrillation (AF) patients and improvement of these schemes will enhance their clinical utility. Cerebral white matter hyperintensities(More)