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It has been proposed that a key success factor for entrepreneurial start-up companies in dynamic industries is their capacity to continuously adapt their business opportunistically. However, the concept of opportunistic adaptation is in need of further development and clarification in order to make it possible to empirically test its usefulness, something(More)
The wireless Internet industry is only in the beginning of its' innovative evolution. The structure and roles of the companies active in the industry are far from settled and the entrepreneurial activity in the area is very strong. For new ventures in emerging industries rapid learning is key. Opportunistic adaptation and strategy formation is likely to be(More)
This paper sets out to analyze the modes of 'venture learning', which is defined as the process whereby knowledge is acquired on how to identify, develop and exploit business opportunities and the associated ventures. The context of learning discussed here is that of high technology ventures, and the ways in which certain types of venture relevant knowledge(More)
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