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This paper presents the first stages of a project that studies the use of <i>hand gestures</i> for interaction, in an approach based on computer vision. A first prototype for exploring the use of marking menus for interaction has been built. The purpose is not menu-based interaction per se, but to study if marking menus, with practice, could support the(More)
The paper gives an overview of the field of computer vision based hand gesture interfaces for Human-Computer Interaction , and describes the early stages of a project about gestural command sets, an issue that has often been neglected. Currently we have built a first prototype for exploring the use of pie-and marking menus in gesture-based interaction. The(More)
The effect of touchscreen inclination and elbow support on arm fatigue was studied in a factorial design. Inclinations were 0&#176;, 22.5&#176;, 30&#176; 45&#176;, 60&#176; and 90&#176; from horizontal. The subjects could or could not rest the elbow on the desk. Results indicated that an inclination of 22.5&#176; was least fatiguing. The inclination of(More)
This video demonstration is based on scenarios of a family's everyday activities supported by video mediated communication (VMC). It was recorded in comHOME, a concept dwelling of the future. The principal issue explored in the comHOME project, and in the video, concerns various aspects of private and public spaces using VMC. The design concept is based on(More)
In this paper we present experiences from a two-month pre-study on the possible creation of a communication environment (Media Space) between the three different locales of a distributed Call Centre. A spectrum of user-oriented methods was used in the study, and the staff at the Call Centre took part through interviews, discussions, and a workshop. The(More)
Merz is an environment which supports knowledge work, personal information management and collaboration on the WWW. As a user gathers information by browsing and querying, a local database of metadata is built, serving as a basis for creating Merzbaus: visual representations of documents and links. The user interface is characterised by filtering and(More)