Sören Finster

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The increasing share of renewables creates new challenges for the existing electrical grid. To deal with these challenges, various efforts are being made to transform the existing power grid into a so-called smart grid. Part of this process is the deployment of an advanced metering infrastructure, which provides novel high-frequency two-way communication(More)
The deployment of smart metering provides an immense amount of data for power grid operators and energy providers. By using this data, a more efficient and flexible power grid can be realized. However, this data also raises privacy concerns since it contains very sensitive information about customers. In this paper, we present Elderberry, a peer-to-peer(More)
Privacy concerns in smart metering are one of the most discussed challenges encountered by introducing the smart grid. Several approaches to tackle this problem exist. One of these approaches is the usage of pseudonyms to protect the privacy of customers. Existing solutions to pseudonymous smart metering require a trusted third party to manage the(More)
Today's street traffic is still largely inefficient. Overburdened roads lead to congestions, accidents, and unnecessary pollution. The increasing interconnection of traffic participants into the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) has tremendous potential for improving this issue. Cooperative route planning, e.g., is a concept for optimizing vehicular routing on a(More)
Smart metering is an essential part of the future smart grid but causes privacy issues by collecting sensitive data from households with a high temporal resolution. Peer-based privacy mechanisms can solve this problem through privacy-aware aggregation. The SMART algorithm, originally proposed for wireless sensor networks, is a lightweight approach to this(More)
Since September, Sören Finster (Fig. 1) is a memeber of the institute of telematics. In context of the E-Energy project MEREGIO he is studying distributed approaches for information and communication technology in future energy systems. He wrote his diploma thesis at the system architecture group with the topic “Design and Implementation of Energy(More)
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