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BACKGROUND Neurologic deficits after cardiac surgery are common complications. Aim of this prospective observational pilot study was to investigate the incidence of postoperative cognitive deficit (POCD) after cardiac surgery, provided that relevant decrease of cerebral oxygen saturation (cSO2) is avoided during cardiopulmonary bypass. METHODS cSO2 was(More)
The authors report an acute cerebral and cerebellar syndrome in a patient treated with high-dose cytarabine. Diffuse high-intensity lesions in the central white matter on T2-weighted MR completely reversed with resolution of the clinical syndrome. Although the autopsy revealed cerebellar injury, the cerebral cortex was grossly and microscopically normal,(More)
INTRODUCTION Whole-brain irradiation is part of the therapy protocol for patients with medulloblastomas. Side effects and complications of radiation can be detected by follow-up magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Susceptibility-weighted images (SWI) can detect even very small amounts of residual blood that cannot be shown with conventional MRI. The purpose(More)
Aneurysmal bone cysts (ABC) are rare, benign, but locally destructive bone tumors. They occur in the spine in 14% of cases, but only 2% are found in the cervical spine. This case report presents a 16-year-old female with an expansive aneurysmatic bone cyst with extensive bone destruction and instability in the cervical segments C1 and C2. In CT and MRI,(More)
We report on a patient presenting with hypaesthesia in first, second and third finger of the right hand following a motorcycle accident. Conventional X-ray showed only a mild dislocation in C6/C7 segment. Cervical MRI in order to prove a root avulsion, was reported to be normal. Somatosensory evoked potentials (SEP) revealed a reduced amplitude of the(More)
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