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A prototype electromagnetic calorimeter for the KTeV experiment at Fermilab was tested at the CERN X1 beam-line. The calorimeter consisted of undoped cesium iodide crystals which were exposed to electrons, pions and muons. This test also featured a new digital readout system with 17 bits of dynamic range. The electron energy resolution is better than 1% at(More)
Reconstruction of full thickness eyelid defects requires the correction of both posterior lamella (tarsus, conjunctiva) and anterior lamella (skin, muscle). Irradiated homologous tarsal plate provides a structured framework for the lid reconstruction, and is incorporated nicely into the normal lid anatomy.
Two hundred twenty-two postmortem eyes containing posterior chamber intraocular lenses (IOLs) were analyzed for optic decentration in relationship to lens style, implant duration, and loop fixation site. Decentration values were not affected significantly by either lens style or implant duration. In 33.3% of specimens, both loops were situated within the(More)
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