Sónia R Monteiro

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Hearing loss is the more frequent sequel of bacterial meningitis in children. This study describes the audiological profile (peripheric and central) of 89 children admitted to the hospital wards with the diagnosis of bacterial meningitis. Those children attended audiological follow up, after their hospital discharge, and were submitted to audiological(More)
The effect of locust bean gum, a galactomannan, with different molecular weights on the microstructure and viscoelastic properties of heat-induced whey protein gels has been studied using confocal laser scanning microscopy and small-deformation rheology. The results obtained clearly showed that differences in the molecular weight of the polysaccharide have(More)
UNLABELLED PURPOSES AND METHODS: The aims of this study were: to detect moderate to profound hearing loss in high risk infants for deafness, to follow up their auditory development (localization of the sound source- Hear Kit - Downs, 1984); and their neuropsychomotor development during the two first years of life. All subjects were submitted to cerebral(More)
Bacterial meningitis is the main cause for acquired hearing loss. Nevertheless very little has been written about the development of the auditory behaviour either for improvement or for deterioration, after hospital release. The present study describes the case of a five month old boy with Haemophilus influenzae meningitis. Amongst various complications, a(More)
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