Sílvio da Silva Caldas Neto

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UNLABELLED Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is the preferred treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis currently. Success on symptoms relief and quality of life improvement are the study leading objectives. STUDY DESIGN retrospective clinical trial. METHODS Questionnaires were given to the patients referred to Hospital das Clinicas-UFPE to chronic(More)
UNLABELLED Hearing has an important role in human development and social adaptation in blind people. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the performance of temporal auditory processing in blind people; to characterize the temporal resolution ability; to characterize the temporal ordinance ability and to compare the performance of the study population in the applied(More)
UNLABELLED New developments on biomaterials are important in surgery. The behavior of a new membrane produced from sugarcane will be evaluated in the middle ear of rats. AIM This study analyzed the results from the interaction of the sugarcane-base biopolymer membrane in the middle ear of a rat. MATERIALS AND METHODS We ran an experimental, prospective,(More)
INTRODUCTION Several biomaterials can be used in ear surgery to pack the middle ear or support the graft. The absorbable gelatin sponge is the most widely used, but it may produce fibrosis and impair ventilation of the middle ear. OBJECTIVE This experimental study aimed to investigate the inflammatory effects of the sugarcane biopolymer sponge (BP) in the(More)
UNLABELLED Hearing is one of the main forms of connection between human being and the environment; however, hearing loss is still diagnosed very late in Brazil, which directly interferes with the child's development. AIM The aim of this study was to check the knowledge pediatricians and gynecologists have about the risk factors for the deafness, the way(More)
UNLABELLED Myringosclerosis is characterized by hyaline changes of the lamina propria of the tympanic membrane. Experimental studies have used otomicroscopy or histology to evaluate myringosclerosis in animals, but they do not correlate precisely these two methods. AIM The present study evaluates the accuracy of otomicroscopy in the diagnosis of(More)
INTRODUCTION Alterations in the vocal folds that involve volume reduction and glottal closure failure result in exaggerated air escape during speech. For such situations, the use of implants or grafts of different materials has been proposed. OBJECTIVE To define the effect of sugarcane biopolymer gel when implanted in the vocal folds of rabbits. METHODS(More)