Sílvia Nietsche

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Due to the importance of common bean angular leaf spotin the state of Minas Gerais-Brazil and to the greatvariability of the pathogen, Phaeoisariopsisgriseola, monitoring races becomes an important toolfor breeding programs aiming at genetic resistance.The pathogenic variability of 30 isolates of the P. griseola, collected from various locations in thestate(More)
A total of 40 endophytic bacterial isolates obtained from banana tree roots were characterized for their biotechnological potential for promoting banana tree growth. All isolates had at least one positive feature. Twenty isolates were likely diazotrophs and formed pellicles in nitrogen-free culture medium, and 67% of these isolates belonged to the genus(More)
The genetic diversity of endophytic bacteria in banana 'Prata Anã' roots was characterized. Two hundred and one endophytic bacteria were isolated, 151 of which were classified as Gram-positive and 50 as Gram-negative. No hypersensitivity response was observed in any of the isolates. The rep-PCR technique generated different molecular profiles for each(More)
A diversidade genética da coleção de 64 acessos de pinheira, coletados em diferentes cidades, no norte do Estado de Minas Gerais, foi avaliada por meio do uso de marcadores RAPD. Foram selecionados 20 primers RAPD que geraram 167 fragmentos, dos quais 48 foram polimórficos (28,7%), produzindo uma média de 2,4 fragmentos polimórficos por primer. Baixa(More)
Forty isolates of endophytic bacteria isolated from banana tree roots were assessed as to their capacity to solubilize phosphate in a solid culture medium supplemented with different inorganic and one organic source of phosphorus. The amount of phosphorus (P) in each liquid medium was quantified, and an indirect assessment of acid phosphatase activity was(More)
The phenological growth stages of various species of monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants can be uniformly coded using the Biologische Bundesanstalt, Bundessortenamt, und Chemische Industrie (BBCH) scale. The aim of the present study was to determine the duration of different phenological stages and the temperature requirements of the sugar-apple,(More)
Stenospermy was identified in naturally occurring sugar-apple (Annona squamosa) mutants with great potential for use in genetic improvement programs. However, to date, there have been no detailed studies of the development of aspermic fruit in this species. The aim of the present study was to characterize the anatomy of developing fruit in the 'Brazilian(More)
Jatropha curcas L. has been identified for biofuel production but it presents limited commercial yields due to limited branching and a lack of yield uniformity. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of single application of ethephon or a combination of 6-benzyladenine (BA) with gibberellic acid isomers A4 and A7 (GA4+7) on branch(More)
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