Sílvia Marinho Martins

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Regulatory T cells are involved in the clinical course of chronic Chagas disease, possibly because they exercise a control in the patient’s inflammatory response to Trypanosoma cruzi. This study analyzed the levels of CD4 + CD25+ T cells in chronic Chagas disease patients after in vitro stimulation of the peripheral blood mononuclear cells with CRA(More)
Were evaluated individuals divided into two groups: we studied chronic heart failure (CHF) (19 patients with CHF plus cardiomegaly) and control (12 healthy volunteers) during performance of inspiratory loaded breathing (ILB). We evaluated: spirometry, functional capacity through the six-minute walk test (6MWT), and distribution of thoracoabdominal volumes(More)
In the past two years we observed several changes in the diagnostic and therapeutic approach of patients with acute heart failure (acute HF), which led us to the need of performing a summary update of the II Brazilian Guidelines on Acute Heart Failure 2009. In the diagnostic evaluation, the diagnostic flowchart was simplified and the role of clinical(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the left ventricular hypertrophy correlation with blood pressure variability during day and night time as well as throughout the 24h period. METHODS Fifteen patients with mild to moderate essential hypertension underwent to bi-dimensional echocardiographic study and to 24h ambulatory blood pressure monitorization. Left ventricular mass(More)