Sílvia Gomes Laurentino

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The objective of this study was to evaluate sleep macrostructure and sleep disturbance in a group of 39 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). Patients completed questionnaires to evaluate their sleep and subjective daytime sleepiness (Epworth Sleepiness Scale [ESS]) and undergone Polysomnography and Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT). Daytime(More)
UNLABELLED The prevalence of multiple sclerosis (MS) has a considerable variability all over the world. According to Kurtzke, South America is considered to have low prevalence (minor than 5 cases: 100000 habitants). OBJECTIVE To describe the MS epidemiology on a reference center, compared to eight Brazilian series. METHOD according to a descriptive,(More)
We evaluated the efficacy of vigabatrin (VGB) as a first drug to be used as monotherapy for West syndrome (WS), its side effects and correlations with the electroencephalogram (EEG). The sample consisted of 13 infants examined between October 2001 and September 2002 at IMIP ambulatory patients office or private clinic. Administration of vigabatrin was(More)
The syndrome of idiopathic partial epilepsy with occipital paroxysms in the EEG shows a considerable clinical heterogeneity. The present paper investigated the significance of electrophysiologic and clinical characteristics in eight patients with occipital paroxysms blocked by the eye opening. All patients were submitted to radiological exams including(More)
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