Sílvia Cristina Dias Pinto

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This work presents a new approach for the 3D human facial expressions analysis. Our methodology is based on 2D and 3D wavelet transforms, which are used to estimate multi-scale features from real a face acquired by a 3D scanner. The proposed methodology starts by considering a dataset composed by faces displaying seven different facial expressions. An(More)
This paper presents a new approach for the morphome-trical characterization of brain structures using shape features calculated from normal fields. An orientable surface representation of the brain structure is derived allowing the estimation of the corresponding normal field without the need of a parameterized surface. In fact, the normal field is(More)
This work presents the application of advanced analysis processes and datamining to images produced by scanning probe microscopy in polymers samplers. These techniques are applied to two specific problems: statistical characterization of polydispersivity in films of poly (o-methoxyaniline) (POMA) and morphological analysis of substrates of polymers used to(More)
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