Síle Nic Chormaic

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The use of tapered optical fibers, i.e., optical nanofibers, for spectroscopy and the detection of small numbers of particles, such as neutral atoms or molecules, has been gaining interest in recent years. In this review, we briefly introduce the optical nanofiber, its fabrication, and optical mode propagation within. We discuss recent progress on the(More)
Optical properties and sensing capabilities of fused silica microbubbles were studied numerically using a finite element method. Mode characteristics, such as quality factor (Q) and effective refractive index, were determined for different bubble diameters and shell thicknesses. For sensing applications with whispering gallery modes (WGMs), thinner shells(More)
We describe a novel method for making microbottle-shaped lasers by using a CO2 laser to melt Er:Yb glass onto silica microcapillaries or fibres. This is realised by the fact that the two glasses have different melting points. The CO2 laser power is controlled to flow the doped glass around the silica cylinder. In the case of a capillary, the resulting(More)
We study the coupling of spontaneously emitted photons from laser-cooled 85 Rb atoms to the guided modes of an optical nanofibre to demonstrate the potential such fibres offer as tools for detecting and manipulating cold atoms, even when the number of atoms is very small. We also demonstrate the integration of an optical nanofibre into an absorption(More)
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