Séverine Le Roux

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The experience reported herein is on our initial 40 cases of laparoscopic-assisted (LA) colorectal resection that were prospectively evaluated. The operations were performed for colonic tumors of the right segment (n = 4), sigmoid (n = 11), or rectum (n = 7), diverticular disease (n = 17), and chronic constipation (n = 1). Among 22 tumors, 11 were(More)
BACKGROUND Dog bites are a serious public health concern. Besides injuries and the adverse psychological impacts, dog bites can be complicated by infections including rabies, which has the highest case-fatality rate of all infectious diseases. METHODS Dog-associated injuries occurring in the city of Marseille, France were investigated in 245 individuals(More)
OBJECTIVE Evidence-based medicine is a growing paradigm in health care. We conducted a prospective study to determine whether laparoscopic surgery is truly evidence-based in everyday practice. METHODS A prospective regional survey was performed in 11 French hospitals (one university and 10 district hospitals) to ascertain how general laparoscopic surgery(More)
The development of laparoscopic surgery has allowed the indications of this technique to be extended to the management of achalasia. Four patients were operated for achalasia confirmed by esophageal manometry. The procedure consisted of laparoscopic Heller's myotomy. The purpose of this paper is to detail the technical principles of this procedure and to(More)
A retrospective series of 34 cases of breast cancer combined with uterine cancer is reported. Cancers of the endometrium differed from cervical cancers by their number, 2.2 x more frequent (22 vs 10) and by the sequence of onset: they generally precede breast cancer, whereas they tend to follow cervical cancers. In contrast to the breast cancer/uterine(More)
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