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Clinical trials have a fundamental role in promoting an evidence based use of drugs in adults and in children. However, it is often difficult to identify the few paediatric studies carried out and to thus implement knowledge derived from them. Furthermore, studies that are stopped prematurely or that have insignificant or negative results often remain(More)
The effects of dietary proteins given as whole proteins (WP) or as a peptide hydrolysate (PH) on growth, nitrogen retention, and small bowel adaptation were assessed using two groups of male Wistar rats. Measurements were made 18, 42, and 66 h after acute inflammation induced by subcutaneous injections of 0.125 mL turpentine and in two control groups (n =(More)
Acute inflammation induces changes in liver proteins with an increase in synthesis of positive acute-phase proteins such as alpha1-acid glycoprotein (alpha1-AGP) and a decrease in synthesis of negative acute-phase proteins such as albumin. This is associated with muscle wasting, mediated by increased proteolysis and impaired protein synthesis. As protein(More)
To describe the results and conclusions of DEC-net, an international, publicly available register of paediatric drug therapy clinical trials, and to assess which paediatric health areas are covered by research and by which trial types. The contents of the register, which was set up by four groups (Italy, UK, France, Spain) who searched for paediatric trials(More)
Excited species in the plasma present during reactive low-voltage ion plating (RLVIP) of refractory oxide films are studied by using emission spectroscopy. We believe we have found a higher ratio of atomic to molecular oxygen then reported for earlier analyses that employed a quadrupole mass spectrometer. The application of emission spectroscopy to the(More)
Two liquid diets containing selected milk proteins (SMP) or its small peptide hydrolysate (SPH) were fed to growing rats for 2 wk and the effects on growth, nitrogen balance, and small intestine adaptation were determined. Residual antigenicity of the SPH diet as measured by immunodot was reduced by 98.8%. Nitrogen intakes were not different. Weight gain(More)
The effects of restricted food intake and acute inflammation on the small bowel were studied, Wistar rats (250 g) were given subcutaneous injections of turpentine (TR) and compared to two control groups, at 18, 42 and 66 h. One was fed ad libitum (C), the other was pair fed (PF) with TR. The TR and PF rats showed hypoplasia of the jejunal mucosa with(More)
The effects of feeding 2 protein hydrolysates, one prepared by controlled pepsin and pancreatic protease (including elastase II) hydrolysis of milk proteins (PPPH) and the other a di- and tripeptide bacterial protease hydrolysate of bovine albumin (DTPH), on the growth, nitrogen balance and small intestine adaptation of growing rats were analyzed. Two(More)
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