Sérgio Silva

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Acknowledgments I wish to thank my advisor, Prof. Carlo Ghezzi, for his guidance, encouragement, and support throughout my graduate studies, and for giving me so many opportunities to pursue this and other scientific interests. He was always able to give me the right suggestion when things gave the impression of going in the wrong direction. I enjoyed(More)
The relationship between seizure frequency and cell death has been a subject of controversy. To tackle this issue, we determined the frequency of seizures and the total number of hippocampal cells throughout the life of rats with epilepsy using the pilocarpine model. Seizure frequency varied in animals with epilepsy according to which period of life they(More)
La donna e mobile qual piuma al vento.. . Acknowledgements We want to thank Prof. Carlo Ghezzi that, some years ago, suggested the theme of this research and, since then, followed with constant attention my work, providing guidelines and suggestions. We want to thank Prof. Alfonso Fuggetta that introduced me to the PhD and tutored me during these years,(More)
One of the most important tasks on robot soccer is localization. The team robots should self-localize on the 18 x 12 meters soccer field. Since a few years ago the soccer field has increased and the corner posts were removed and that increased the localization task complexity. One important aspect to take care for a proper localization is to find out the(More)
The Oda's Strong Factorization Conjecture states that a proper birational map between smooth toric varieties can be decomposed as a sequence of smooth toric blowups followed by a sequence of smooth toric blowdowns. This article describes an algorithm that conjecturally constructs such a decomposition. Several reductions and simplifications of the algorithm(More)
The scaling of the probability distribution of the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange index is shown to be described by a Levy stable stochastic process for the modal region of the distribution. Data refer to daily records for the 30−year period 1968−1998. The truncated Levy process is characterized by a scaling index of 1.66. Scaling power laws are also shown to be(More)
JEL classification: G11 G14 Keywords: Disposition effect Investor experience Artificial stock market Framed field experiment a b s t r a c t We examine whether investing experience can dampen the disposition effect, that is, the fact that investors seem to hold on to their losing stocks to a greater extent than they hold on to their winning stocks. To do(More)
Epilepsy is a disease characterized by recurrent, unprovoked seizures. Cognitive impairment is an important comorbidity of chronic epilepsy. Human and animal model studies of epilepsy have shown that aerobic exercise induces beneficial structural and functional changes and reduces the number of seizures. However, little is yet understood about the effects(More)