Sérgio Roberto Matiello Pellegrino

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This paper presents the use of origami technique to construct a 3D spherical structure from a 2D parylene-C (PA-C) film with designed folding crease patterns. This origami technique is developed or intended for intraocular epiretinal implant application, which requires a " curved " electrode array to match the curvature of the macula. The folding method and(More)
In recent years, as space structures have become large and require higher accuracy, composite honeycombs, which can reduce weight and have low thermal expansion, are in increasing demand. As observed in the design of antenna reflectors and rocket bodies, both flat and 3D-shaped cores are used in this field. However, these special honeycombs have high(More)
As part of a small satellite technology demonstration that will utilize autonomous assembly , reconfiguration, and docking technology to form the primary mirror for the mission's telescope payload, the mirror segments are required to modify and control their shape, in order to allow for imaging in different configurations. This paper focuses on the(More)
Both the mesolimbic dopamine system, which is involved with the rewarding properties of several drugs of abuse, and the nigrostriatal dopamine system, which is involved with motor function, appear to be sensitive to the effects of ethanol. In order to determine which components of the mesolimbic and nigrostriatal dopamine systems are adversely affected by(More)
This paper explores the behavior of a self-deploying helical pantograph antenna for CubeSats. The helical pantograph concept is described along with concepts for attachment to the satellite bus. Finite element folding simulations of a pantograph consisting of eight helices are presented and compared to compaction force experiments done on a prototype(More)