Sérgio Roberto Lopes Albuquerque

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Although the importance of glycoprotein Duffy in the human red cells invasion process by Plasmodium vivax merozoites has been demonstrated, little is known about the associations of FY polymorphisms with malaria vivax parasitic density. In this study, we investigated the associations of the SNPs 125 G>A, 265 C>T, and 298 G>A on FY gene and the SNP –33T>C on(More)
Complement receptor 1 (CR1) gene polymorphisms that are associated with Knops blood group antigens may influence the binding of Plasmodium parasites to erythrocytes, thereby affecting susceptibility to malaria. The aim of this study was to evaluate the genotype and allele and haplotype frequencies of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of Knops blood(More)
BACKGROUND Human platelet antigens (HPAs) are alloantigens derived from polymorphisms in platelet-surface glycoproteins. The occurrence of alloantibodies against HPAs can lead to platelet destruction and subsequent thrombocytopenia. Brazilians have a high rate of racial admixture, and the knowledge of HPA polymorphisms in particular donors from north(More)
BACKGROUND KELnull (K0) persons can produce clinically significant anti-KEL5 antibody after transfusion and/or pregnancy, requiring K0 blood transfusion when indicated. 37 K0 alleles have been reported in studies over different populations, but none in Amerindian-Caucasian descendants from South America. The aim of this study was to identify the molecular(More)
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