Sérgio R. Gaspar

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We describe four patients with sympathotonic orthostatic hypotension, a syndrome in which the decrease in blood pressure associated with standing is accompanied by tachycardia. The patients in this series had experienced either a viral infection or rapid weight loss prior to the onset of their orthostatic intolerance. Vasomotor reflexes and norepinephrine(More)
There has been recent interest in measuring sympathetic sudomotor function by autonomic surface potential analysis. The purpose of the present study was to assess factors affecting the reproducibility of the test. We determined the within-day and between-day reproducibility in 24 healthy volunteers. We used an increasing rather than a constant electrical(More)
PURPOSE The somatostatin analogue SMS-201-995 has recently been introduced as a new therapy for postprandial hypotension in patients with autonomic neuropathy. The present study was performed to determine the effect of SMS-201-995 on the adrenergic response to glucose ingestion in patients with this disorder. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eleven patients with(More)
Neurological function was determined in diabetic patients with peripheral vascular disease and foot ulcers (n = 13). This was compared to that of diabetic patients without foot ulcers with (n = 23) and without (n = 13) symptoms of neuropathy. Diabetic patients with typical neuropathic ulcers (n = 13) and age-matched healthy controls (n = 20) were also(More)
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