Sérgio Oliveira Cardoso

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CONTEXT Lung-protective mechanical ventilation with the use of lower tidal volumes has been found to improve outcomes of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). It has been suggested that use of lower tidal volumes also benefits patients who do not have ARDS. OBJECTIVE To determine whether use of lower tidal volumes is associated with(More)
INTRODUCTION Catecholamines are the most used vasopressors in vasodilatory shock. However, the development of adrenergic hyposensitivity and the subsequent loss of catecholamine pressor activity necessitate the search for other options. Our aim was to evaluate the effects of vasopressin and its analog terlipressin compared with catecholamine infusion alone(More)
PURPOSE Our aims were to determine whether the pulse oximetric saturation/fraction of inspired oxygen (S/F) can be used for the early identification of patients with sepsis who are at increased risk for death and to compare the S/F ratio with the Pao2/fraction of inspired oxygen (P/F) ratio. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a retrospective cohort study in(More)
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