Sérgio Maurício Silva

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate if mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) can be used for obesity screening in preschool children. METHODS 1,090 children aged from 12 to 59.99 months were studied. Personal information, weight, height and MUAC were obtained. Sensitivity and specificity to detect obese children were calculated for MUAC to age and MUAC to height z scores.(More)
BACKGROUND Fatty infiltration of the muscle bellies is an important prognostic factor in rotator cuff tears. It was described initially in computed tomography examinations, and there is an ongoing debate about whether magnetic resonance (MR) is a reliable method for staging fatty infiltration. This study sought to determine intraobserver and interobserver(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the Bear Hug maneuver for clinically diagnosing subscapularis tendon tears, and compare this with other maneuvers described previously (Lift-off, Napoleon and Belly Press). METHODS Forty-nine patients with rotator cuff injuries who had undergone arthroscopy to repair the injury and had previously been assessed using the semiological(More)
BACKGROUND Owing to the difficulty in reaching targets during pesticide applications on guava trees, it is important to evaluate new technologies that may improve pest management. In electrostatic spraying, an electric force is added to the droplets to control their movements such that they are efficiently directed to the target. The present study evaluated(More)
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