Sérgio Martins

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This paper describes a traffic surveillance system as a particular case of the class of intelligent distributed dynamic-information systems (IDDIS). The Traffic Surveillance System is a vision-based FIPA compliant multi-agent system that uses the FIPA Agent Communication Language (ACL) and the FIPA Semantic Language (SL). The focus of the work is(More)
The genus Limonium Miller, a complex taxonomic group, comprises annuals and perennials that can produce sexual and/or asexual seeds (apomixis). In this study, we used diverse cytogenetic and cytometric approaches to analyze male sporogenesis and gametogenesis for characterizing male reproductive output on seed production in Limonium ovalifolium and Limonium(More)
i Acknowledgements We would like to thank everyone that helped us to develop this work with special regard to our project supervisor, Prof. Leonel Sousa and our INESC-ID colleagues Pedro Tomás e José Germano for their support and guidance. We also present our appreciations to Prof. Borges de Almeida for his precious help in Neural Networks, and to Markus(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to compare female sexual function after surgical treatment of anterior vaginal prolapse with either small intestine submucosa grafting or traditional colporrhaphy. METHODS Subjects were randomly assigned, preoperatively, to the small intestine submucosa graft (n = 29) or traditional colporrhaphy (n = 27) treatment(More)
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