Sérgio H Cardoso

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The inferior colliculus (IC) is a well known relay station for auditory pathways in the brainstem. In the present review we are suggesting that aversive states are also generated and elaborated in the inferior colliculus and that this structure may be part of a brain system commanding defensive behavior. The evidences presented in this review have been(More)
It has been shown that the gradual increase in the intensity of electrical stimulation of the dorsal periaqueductal gray (DPAG), deep layers of the superior colliculus (DLSC) and inferior colliculus of rats induces, in a progressive manner, characteristic aversive responses such as arousal, freezing, and escape behavior. The DPAG-DLSC together with the(More)
In the present work, evidence is presented for the involvement of inferior colliculus in the generation and elaboration of aversive responses which suggests that this structure may be part of a brain system that commands aversive states. Electrical stimulation of the inferior colliculus of rats placed inside an open field allowed the determination of(More)
The inferior colliculus (IC) is primarily involved in conveying auditory information to higher cortical structures. Recently we have shown that this structure may also be part of a brain system commanding defensive behaviour. There is evidence that the neural substrates responsible for defensive behaviour in the inferior colliculus are regulated by(More)
BACKGROUND In this study we evaluated the performance of bovine pericardium preserved in glutaraldehyde used as a vascular patch. METHODS Fourteen young pigs, six females and eight males, weighting 10.3 - 18.4 kg were used in our study. We implanted three remnants in each pig, two in the abdominal aorta and one was juxtaposed to the peritoneum. The smooth(More)
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