Sérgio F. Lopes

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—Frameworks are an important form of reuse that can help to significantly decrease the time and cost of application development. Although widely known, there are still some difficulties associated with framework reuse, which are critical to its success. In this paper, we focus on the issues regarding the framework reuse process, and more specifically, on(More)
Nucleation is a natural process in which trees scattered in the landscape promote changes in the surrounding environment, which increases the probability of seedling and sapling colonization in a nucleus area. This study aimed to describe forest species community under the crown of Bowdichia virgilioides (Fabaceae) in cerrado sensu stricto, testing two(More)
—Frameworks are a key technology to reduce software development costs and shorten the time-to-market. However, framework complexity presents reuse problems that limit its success as an application development alternative. Therefore, it has been widely recognized that is necessary to effectively communicate frameworks and provide appropriate tool support.(More)
Deciduousness in arid and semiarid environments is an important adaptive strategy in tree and shrub species to prevent extensive leaf desiccation and nutrient loss during the drought. The loss of leaves benefits some species, since the seasonality of water resources and high temperatures restrict the survival of plants in xeric environments. The aim of this(More)