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A Unique Late Triassic Dinosauromorph Assemblage Reveals Dinosaur Ancestral Anatomy and Diet
Dinosauromorpha includes dinosaurs and other much less diverse dinosaur precursors of Triassic age, such as lagerpetids [1]. Joint occurrences of these taxa with dinosaurs are rare but more commonExpand
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Middle–Late Permian tetrapods from the Rio do Rasto Formation, Southern Brazil: a biostratigraphic reassessment
Dias-da-Silva, S. 2011: Middle–Late Permian tetrapods from the Rio do Rasto Formation, Southern Brazil: a biostratigraphic reassessment. Lethaia, Vol. 45, pp. 109–120. The Rio do RastoExpand
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New material of Procolophon (Parareptilia: Procolophonoidea) from the Lower Triassic of Brazil, with remarks on the ages of the Sanga do Cabral and Buena Vista formations of South America
We describe a large, fragmentary procolophonid skull and three large vertebrae from the Sanga do Cabral Formation, Parana Basin, Lower Triassic of Brazil. Cranial and dental morphology allow us to ...
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A new Permian temnospondyl with Russian affinities from South America, the new family Konzhukoviidae, and the phylogenetic status of Archegosauroidea
A new Permian temnospondyl from South America is described and considered to represent a new species – Konzhukovia sangabrielensis sp. nov. – of the genus Konzhukovia previously recorded exclusivelyExpand
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Phylogenetic reappraisal of Rhytidosteidae (Stereospondyli: Trematosauria), temnospondyl amphibians from the Permian and Triassic
All stereospondyl taxa previously placed within Rhytidosteidae are reviewed in a phylogenetic context. A parsimony analysis shows that Pneumatostega, Trucheosaurus, Rhytidosteus and Nanolania areExpand
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The oldest known co-occurrence of dinosaurs and their closest relatives: A new lagerpetid from a Carnian (Upper Triassic) bed of Brazil with implications for dinosauromorph biostratigraphy, early
Abstract Late Triassic deposits from south Pangea (Argentina and Brazil) bear the oldest (so far) and most informative unequivocal records of dinosaurs worldwide. Herein we describe a new lagerpetidExpand
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Abstract:  A new South American Early Triassic stereospondyl is described and considered to represent a new taxon, Cabralia lavinai gen. et sp. nov. The material consists of two well-preserved skullExpand
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Prozostrodon brasiliensis, a probainognathian cynodont from the Late Triassic of Brazil: second record and improvements on its dental anatomy
Abstract Probainognathian cynodonts are conspicuous elements of the Assemblage Zones of the Triassic Santa Maria Supersequence in southern Brazil. Within this group, the derived cladeExpand
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New information on the postcranial skeleton of Massetognathus ochagaviae Barberena, 1981 (Eucynodontia, Traversodontidae), from the Middle Triassic of Southern Brazil
Abstract New postcranial remains of Massetognathus ochagaviae are described based on a new specimen collected at the Dinodontosaurus Assemblage Zone from the Middle Triassic of Southern Brazil.Expand
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