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The stability of candidate reference genes was evaluated in maize landrace varieties and during multiple grain developmental stages to evaluate the expression of carotenoid-related genes by RT-qPCR for application to maize biofortification. Vitamin A deficiency affects millions of children worldwide; therefore, increasing the content of vitamin A precursors(More)
The process of selection and validation of reference genes is the first step in studies of gene expression by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). The genome of lettuce, the most popular leaf vegetable cultivated worldwide, has recently been sequenced; therefore, suitable reference genes for reliable results in RT-qPCR analyses are(More)
Plant carotenoids have been implicated in preventing several age-related diseases, and they also provide vitamin A precursors; therefore, increasing the content of carotenoids in maize grains is of great interest. It is not well understood, however, how the carotenoid biosynthetic pathway is regulated. Fortunately, the maize germplasm exhibits a high degree(More)
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