Sérgio Daniel

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Two young males with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) resulting from sarcoglycan deficiency died at 27 (patient 1) and 18 years (patient 2) of severe cardiomyopathy. Genetic analysis showed that they were compound heterozygotes for mutations in the â sarcoglycan gene. One of these mutations, an 8 bp duplication in exon 3, was common to both patients.(More)
The body wall muscle fibers of Rinchelmis limosella and Enchytraeus albidus have been hystochemically characterized. The results have been compared with similar data on Lumbricus terrestris and Hirudo medicinalis. The various enzymatic activities have been correlated with the ultrastructural data and a possible functional meaning of the different muscle(More)
In nowadays we observe that there is more data than that can be effectively analyzed. Organizing this data has become one of the biggest problems in Computer Science. Many algorithms have been proposed for this purpose, highlighting those related to the Data Mining area, specifically the automatic document classification (ADC) algorithms. However, these(More)
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