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Comparative tests of net mercury methylation potentials, with cultivated and macrophyte-associated periphyton and using stable ((200)HgCl(2) and CH(3)(199)HgCl) and labeled ((203)HgCl(2)) mercury,(More)
Upwelling systems contain a high diversity of pelagic microorganisms and their composition and activity are defined by factors like temperature and nutrient concentration. Denaturing gradient gel(More)
Arraial do Cabo is where upwelling occurs more intensively on the Brazilian coast. Although it is a protection area it suffers anthropogenic pressure such as harbor activities and sporadic sewage(More)
In addition to the (Na(+)+K(+))ATPase another P-ATPase, the ouabain-insensitive Na(+)-ATPase has been observed in several tissues. In the present paper, the effects of ligands, such as Mg(2+), MgATP(More)
The ecological interaction between microorganisms and seaweeds depends on the production of secondary compounds that can influence microbial diversity in the water column and the composition of reef(More)