Sémia Rekik

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BACKGROUND Prosthetic valve endocarditis (PVE) is a rare and serious complication after heart valve replacement; its optimal management strategy, though, still needs to be defined. OBJECTIVE To study the clinical, microbiological and echocardiographic characteristics of PVE and to analyse the influence of the adopted therapeutic strategy (medical or(More)
The hypothyroidism is a frequent endocrinopathos. The authors report a retrospective study of 67 cases gathered at pediatric department of Sfax, during 23 years. 40 boys and 42 girls aged from 1 to 164 months, with an average of 55 months old children. The most clinical symptoms have been the dysmorphic syndrome (81.17%), Huge tongue (59.75%), the T3 is low(More)
The authors report a series of 22 cases of post-obstetrical genito-urinary lesions. In addition, they analyse the cases of 12 patients suffering of vesico-vaginal fistulae (9) or uretero-vaginal fistulae (3). They point out evident regression of these fistulae in this country which become of simple type and also emphasize on preventive measures which should(More)
Retention of infected urine in the upper urinary tract which is due to obstruction is a serious condition during pregnancy. The authors report their experience on five cases and propose attitudes to adopt against such emergency. Ultrasounds allow accurate diagnosis of the obstruction and may be helpful to find its etiology. Plain X ray film could be of(More)