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Phylogeny and biogeography of exacum (gentianaceae): a disjunctive distribution in the Indian ocean basin resulted from long distance dispersal and extensive radiation.
Disjunctive distributions across paleotropical regions in the Indian Ocean Basin (IOB) often invoke dispersal/vicariance debates. Exacum (Gentianaceae, tribe Exaceae) species are spread around theExpand
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Phylogeny and biogeography of Balsaminaceae inferred from ITS sequences
Sequences of the internal transcribed spacers (ITS) of nuclear ribosomal DNA were acquired for 112 species of Balsaminaceae worldwide and five species of its closest relatives Marcgraviaceae andExpand
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Monophyly and relationships of the tribe Exaceae (Gentianaceae) inferred from nuclear ribosomal and chloroplast DNA sequences.
Both chloroplast trnL (UAA) intron and nuclear ribosomal ITS sequences highly confirmed the monophyly of the tribes of the Gentianaceae defined by the recent classification, and revealed the tribeExpand
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Conservation Status and Abundance of the Crowned Sifaka (Propithecus coronatus)
Abstract: The crowned sifaka (Propithecus coronatus) is Endangered. It has a large but highly fragmented distribution; its known range extends from the Betsiboka River in the north of Madagascar, toExpand
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A New Threatened Species of Pandanaceae From Northwestern Madagascar, Pandanus Sermolliana
ABSTRACT Pandanus sermolliana Callmander & Buerki (Pandanaceae) is described from humid forests in the Galoka mountain chain in northwestern Madagascar. The new species can be easily distinguishedExpand
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Survey of the critically endangered Perrier’s sifaka (Propithecus Perrieri) across most if its distribution range.
FCT fellowship: (SFRH/BD/64875/2009), Institut Francais de la Biodiversite, the GDRI Madagascar, the “Laboratoire d'Excellence” (LABEX) entitled TULIP (ANR-10-LABX-41), Instituto Gulbenkian deExpand
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Notes biogéographiques sur les Pandanaceae du nord de Madagascar
Des investigations recentes sur le terrain et dans les herbiers ont complete l'inventaire des Pandanaceae de Madagascar. L'observation de plusieurs especes mal connues des montagnes du nord (MontagneExpand
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New taxa of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) from Madagascar. II. A collection from Masoala Peninsula
Dans cette deuxieme publication effectuee dans le cadre de la preparation d'une revision des Balsaminaceae de Madagascar et des Comores, neuf nouvelles especes d'Impatiens de la presqu'ile de MasoalaExpand
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The value of the spineless monkey orange tree (Strychnos madagascariensis) for conservation of northern sportive lemurs (Lepilemur milanoii and L. ankaranensis)
Tree hollows provide shelters for a large number of forest-dependent vertebrate species worldwide. In Madagascar, where high historical and ongoing rates of deforestation and forest degradation areExpand
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