Sébastien Treserras

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Neuropsychological data about the forms of acquired reading impairment provide a strong basis for the theoretical framework of the dual-route cascade (DRC) model which is predictive of reading performance. However, lesions are often extensive and heterogeneous, thus making it difficult to establish precise functional anatomical correlates. Here, we provide(More)
Neuroimaging studies of reading converge to suggest that linguistically elementary stimuli are confined to the activation of bilateral posterior regions, whereas linguistically complex stimuli additionally recruit left hemispheric anterior regions, raising the hypotheses of a gradual bilateral-to-left and a posterior-to-anterior recruitment of reading(More)
It is suggested that resting state networks reflecting correlated neural regional activities participate significantly in brain functioning. A fundamental issue is to understand how these networks interact and how their activities change during behavioral transitions. Our aim was to understand better with functional MRI connectivity how the brain switched(More)
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