Sébastien Tordeux

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We propose transmission conditions of order 1, 2 and 3 approximating the shielding behaviour of thin conducting curved sheets for the magneto-quasistatic eddy current model in 2D. This model reduction applies to sheets whose thicknesses ε are at the order of the skin depth or essentially smaller. The sheet has itself not to be resolved, only its midline is(More)
This letter describes a method for obtaining an explicit expression for the electrostatic energy of a charged elliptical in nitely thin disc. The charge distribution is assumed to be polynomial. Such explicit values for this energy are fundamental for assessing the accuracy of boundary element codes. The main tools used are an extension of Copson's method(More)
We are concerned with a 2D time harmonic wave propagation problem in a medium including a thin slot whose thickness ε is small with respect to the wavelength. In a previous article, we derived formally an asymptotic expansion of the solution with respect to ε using the method of matched asymptotic expansions. We also proved the existence and uniqueness of(More)
The cavity model is a widespread empirical approach for the numerical simulation of patch antennas. An attempt to give a rigorous mathematical background for this way to proceed is presented. The justification is carried out in the framework of a two-dimensional representation of the underlying radiation problem. It is obtained by a suitable application of(More)
One question of interest in an industrial conception of air planes motors is the study of the deviation of the acoustic resonance frequencies of a cavity which is linked to another one through a thin slot. These frequencies have a direct impact on the stability of the combustion in one of these two cavities. In this work, we aim is analyzing the eigenvalue(More)
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