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UNLABELLED Adjuncts to local anesthetics for peripheral plexus blockade may enhance the quality and duration of anesthesia and postoperative analgesia. The analgesic, tramadol, has a unique mechanism of action that suggests efficacy as such an adjunct. It displays a central analgesic and peripheral local anesthetic effect. We designed a prospective,(More)
A 60-yr-old man, 160 cm tall, weighing 75 kg, with American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status class II, was admitted for elective right shoulder surgery. His medical history was unremarkable except for recent mild diabetes with no related neuropathy, controlled by diet and glimepiride. Physical examination results were unremarkable, and the(More)
IMPLICATIONS We assessed the views of French general practitioners concerning pain relief at home after ambulatory surgery in a cross-sectional prospective survey. The results revealed that there is need for improvement, mainly in prescribing more suitable analgesic protocols and optimizing postdischarge relationships between physicians.
OBJECTIVES The assessment of the impact of various analgesic regimens on postoperative pain at home, following emergency and ambulatory hand surgery. STUDY DESIGN Prospective comparative study of "before" and "after" groups by phone questionnaire on the first postoperative day. PATIENTS All emergency and ambulatory surgery patients undergoing hand(More)
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