Sébastien Piccand

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Medical image interpretation is facing an important challenge resulting from the continuously increasing amount of imaging data. Innovations in medical image visualization are necessary to assist the radiologist in interacting and navigating effectively large multidimensional imaging sets. We propose a novel wavelet splatting approach for multiresolution(More)
Particle swarm has proven to be competitive to other evolutionary algorithms in the field of optimization, and in many cases enables a faster convergence to the ideal solution. However, like any optimization algorithm it seems to have difficulties handling optimization problems of high dimension. Here we first show that dimensionality is really a problem(More)
When dealing with complex optimisations problems, evolutionary computation techniques have proven tobe very helpful. Amongst optimisation algorithms driven by evolutionary computation techniques,particle swarm algorithms have proven to be a very good alternative to genetic algorithms because of their faster convergence. However they can still suffer from(More)
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