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Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDPs) provide a rich framework for sequential decision-making under uncertainty in stochastic domains. However, solving a POMDP is often intractable except for small problems due to their complexity. Here, we focus on online approaches that alleviate the computational complexity by computing good local(More)
We introduce a set of techniques that are used together to produce realistic-looking animations of burning objects. These include a new method for simulating spreading on polygonal meshes. A key component of our approach consists in using individual flames as primitives to animate and render the fire. This simplification enables rapid computation and gives(More)
Wikis are simple to use, asynchronous, Web-based collaborative hypertext authoring systems which are quickly gaining in popularity. In spite of much anecdotal evidence to the effect that wikis are usable by non technical experts, this has never been studied formally. In this paper, we studied the usability of a wiki through observation and problem-solving(More)
In this paper, we present the Cross-Lingual Wiki Engine (CLWE), a system designed to support concurrent, collaborative authoring and translation of content in multiple languages. We start by showing how collaborative translation differs from conventional translation environments. In particular, we show how conventional industrial translation processes and(More)
*As counted by MS Word 'word count' command. This includes all of the body of the report but none of the other appendices. Abstract As organisations increasingly rely on geographically dispersed workforces there is an emerging need to collaborate on projects that span distributed teams and different time frames. This includes a need for collaboration in the(More)
In this paper, we present an online method for POMDPs, called RTBSS (Real-Time Belief Space Search), which is based on a look-ahead search to find the best action to execute at each cycle in an environment. We thus avoid the overwhelming complexity of computing a policy for each possible situation. By doing so, we show that this method is particularly(More)
A fundamental difficulty faced by cooperative multiagent systems is to find how to efficiently coordinate agents. There are three fundamental processes to solve the coordination problem: mutual adjustment, direct supervision and standardization. In this paper, we present our results, obtained in the Ro-boCupRescue environment, comparing those coordination(More)
This paper discusses the design and implementation of processes and tools to support the collaborative creation and maintenance of multilingual wiki content. A wiki is a website where a large number of participants are allowed to create and modify content using their Web browser. This simple concept has revolutionized collaborative authoring on the web,(More)