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Auxin is a major plant hormone that controls most aspects of plant growth and development. Auxin is perceived by two distinct classes of receptors: transport inhibitor response 1 (TIR1, or auxin-related F-box (AFB)) and auxin/indole-3-acetic acid (AUX/IAA) coreceptors, that control transcriptional responses to auxin, and the auxin-binding protein 1 (ABP1),(More)
The prominent and evolutionary ancient effect of the plant hormone auxin is the regulation of cell expansion 1. Cell expansion requires ordered cytoskeleton arrangement 2 but molecular mechanisms underlying its regulation by signaling molecules including auxin are unknown. Here we show in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana that in elongating cells(More)
Cell expansion is an increase in cell size and thus plays an essential role in plant growth and development. Phytohormones and the primary plant cell wall play major roles in the complex process of cell expansion. In shoot tissues, cell expansion requires the auxin receptor AUXIN BINDING PROTEIN1 (ABP1), but the mechanism by which ABP1 affects expansion(More)
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