Sébastien P Facq

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Demonstrated herein is a single rapid approach employed for synthesis of Ag-graphene nanocomposites, with excellent antibacterial properties and low cytotoxicity, by utilizing a continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis (CHFS) process in combination with p-hexasulfonic acid calix[6]arene (SCX6) as an effective particle stabilizer. The nanocomposites showed(More)
Molybdenum solubility is a limiting factor to actinide loading in nuclear waste glasses, as it initiates the formation of water-soluble crystalline phases such as alkali molybdates. To increase waste loading efficiency, alternative glass ceramic structures are sought that prove resistant to internal radiation resulting from radioisotope decay. In this(More)
Importance of Framework Flexibility and Guest-Induced Instability Pu Zhao,† Giulio I. Lampronti,† Gareth O. Lloyd,‡,∥ Michael T. Wharmby, Seb́astien Facq,† Anthony K. Cheetham, and Simon A. T. Redfern*,† †Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3EQ, United Kingdom ‡Department of Chemistry, University of(More)
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