Sébastien Massoni

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Since they have been increasingly used in economics, elicitation rules for subjective beliefs are under scrutiny. In this paper, we propose an experimental design to compare the performance of such rules. Contrary to previous works in which elicited beliefs are compared to an objective benchmark, we consider a pure subjective belief framework (confidence in(More)
Emotion and cognition are known to interact during human decision processes. In this study we focus on a specific kind of cognition, namely metacognition. Our experiment induces a negative emotion, worry, during a perceptual task. In a numerosity task subjects have to make a two alternative forced choice and then reveal their confidence in this decision. We(More)
We compare three alternative methods for eliciting retrospective confidence in the context of a simple perceptual task: the Simple Confidence Rating (a direct report on a numerical scale), the Quadratic Scoring Rule (a post-wagering procedure), and the Matching Probability (MP; a generalization of the no-loss gambling method). We systematically compare the(More)
Vaccination campaigns to prevent the spread of epidemics are successful only if the targeted populations subscribe to the recommendations of health authorities. However, because compulsory vaccination is hardly conceivable in modern democracies, governments need to convince their populations through efficient and persuasive information campaigns. In the(More)
Analyzing school-to-work transitions is an important challenge for the specialists of the labor-market. The aim of this paper is to study the insertion of graduates and to identify the main career-paths typologies. We introduce a new methodology for clustering career-paths by combining statistical estimation of non-homogeneous Markov chains with(More)
Originally developed in bioinformatics, sequence analysis is being increasingly used in social sciences for the study of life-course processes. The methodology generally employed consists in computing dis-similarities between the trajectories and, if typologies are sought, in clustering the trajectories according to their similarities or dissemblances. The(More)
(Preliminary draft please do not quote or cite without permission) Abstract. We develop a theoretical basis for integration and segregation of multiple outcomes with underlying S-shaped value functions. Our theoretical findings suggest that Thaler' principles of mental accounting work as postulated when we deal with events having only positive outcomes(More)
Terracol and an anonymous referee for useful comments. Abstract The Action Lecture program is an innovative teaching method run in some nursery and primary schools in Paris and designed to improve pupils' literacy. We report the results of an evaluation of this program. We describe the experimental protocol that was built to estimate the program's impact on(More)
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