Sébastien Linas

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Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) is a well-known material whose use is almost restricted to lubricating applications in domains ranging from metallurgy to cosmetics. Howover, h-BN displays many other interesting properties, opening new perspectives for other engineering applications, such as as a solid lubricant in aeronautics, as the perfect substrate to(More)
Within the context of emergent researches linked to graphene, it is well known that h-BN nanosheets (BNNSs), also referred as 2D BN, are considered as the best candidate for replacing SiO2 as dielectric support or capping layers for graphene. As a consequence, the development of a novel alternative source for highly crystallized h-BN crystals, suitable for(More)
Two-dimensional hexagonal arrays of Pt nanoparticles (1.5 nm diameter) have been obtained by deposition of preformed and size selected Pt nanoparticles on graphene. This original self-organization is induced, at room temperature, by the 2D periodic undulation (the moiré pattern) of graphene epitaxially grown on the Ir(111) surface. By means of complementary(More)
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