Sébastien Lefort

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to perform a comparative analysis of the clinical outcome, gasometric course and ventilatory indices of premature infants with a gestational age of < or = 34 weeks who were intubated in the delivery room, owing to respiratory insufficiency, according to whether or not they were submitted to porcine-derived lung(More)
The main complication of totally implantable venous access devices is deep venous thrombosis on catheter. It may dramatically reduce the already limited venous capacity of patients undergoing chemotherapy and obturate catheters, causing pulmonary embolism or functional disorders. These thromboses usually involve veins of the superior vena cava system where(More)
Estimating the engagement is critical for human– robot interaction. Engagement measures typically rely on the dynamics of the social signals exchanged by the partners, especially speech and gaze. However, the dynamics of these signals are likely to be influenced by individual and social factors, such as personality traits, as it is well documented that they(More)
In contemporary art, a new type of artworks use motion as a material from which to create the illusion of life. These autonomous robotic artworks have a behavioral specificity; they tend to be perceived as living, and by some account intentional entities. To account for this behavioral specifity and how it affects the audience experience, we propose a(More)
​ To investigate the functional and social acceptance of a humanoid robot, we carried out an experimental study with 56 adult participants and the iCub robot. Trust in the robot has been considered as a main indicator of acceptance in decision­making tasks characterized by perceptual uncertainty (​ e.g.​ , evaluating the weight of two objects) and(More)
Approximate Numerical Expressions (ANEs) are linguistic expressions involving numbers and referring to imprecise ranges of values, such as “about 100”. This paper proposes to interpret ANEs as fuzzy numbers. A model, taking into account the cognitive salience of numbers and based on critical points from Pareto frontiers, is proposed to characterise the(More)
Imprecise numerical expressions, such as "about 100 meters", are pervasive in natural language. Mobile robotics, Geographic Information Systems, intelligent personal assistants as well as database querying applications are required to automatically and accurately interpret such expressions, called Approximate Numerical Expressions (ANE). The main challenge(More)
Art installations involving robotic artifacts provide an opportunity to examine human relationships with robots designed solely for the purpose of sustaining evocative behaviours. In an attempt to determine the behavioural characteristics and personality traits attributed by a human to a robotic artifact, we investigated an audience’s experience of an(More)