Sébastien Henry

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INTRODUCTIONDue to their large size and long generation times, chondrichthyans have been largely ignored by geneticists. However, their key phylogenetic position makes them ideal subjects to study the molecular bases of the important morphological and physiological innovations that characterize jawed vertebrates. Such analyses are crucial to understanding(More)
In this paper, we show that the integration of a new MES within an existing manufacturing system requires to appeal to a method enabling the modeling of interactions between hardware and software components, the model-ing of their behavior and their use by production staff. We show how SysML is a language fitting this need and we illustrate this discussion(More)
This paper presents and discusses an analysis of the industrialization and production steps within the Product Life cycle Management (PLM) context. Initially, PLM was focused almost exclusively on the product design, but nowadays, it tends to cover all the steps of the product life cycle. In the same time, the industrialization and the production are not(More)
Today, within the global Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) approach, success of design, industrialization and production activities depends on the ability to coordinate and improve the interaction among information systems that handle such activities. Enterprises deploy mainly the PLM system, the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) and the(More)
To support translation of microneedle patches from pre-clinical development into clinical trials, this study examined the effect of microneedle patch application on local skin reactions, reliability of use and acceptability to patients. Placebo patches containing dissolving microneedles were administered to fifteen human participants. Microneedle patches(More)
The objective of the automated manufacturing system reconfiguration is to react to failures and thus to engage the required monitoring treatments to restart the AMS as fast as possible. But the control laws run by the control system are often blocked and thus become inadequate. Therefore it is required to reconfigure the control system. This reconfiguration(More)
Usually, in an industrial context, the design of discrete control law to drive manufacturing system is assumed off line by several experts. This is mainly due to the lack of a generic method to model the controlled system abilities. Consequently, not only the design of all the control laws mobilizes many PLC program developers, but also, in case of(More)