Sébastien Giordano

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A new method for unmixing radar polarimetric images with optical images is proposed. It was found that the polarimetric covariance matrix can be unmixed considering a linear model. As a result, this model is used to produce unmixed covariance matrices based on land cover types. We hope to prove that this unmixing of the polarimetric information produce(More)
Biological tissues are ensembles of linear and nonlinear, symmetric and asymmetric constituents. As far as their electromagnetic characterization is concerned, they can be modeled as microscopic mixtures of the corresponding material media. Any medium volume can be properly discretized in a finite number of cells which can be modeled as an equivalent three(More)
Although a large body of literature exists on the use of transplanted mosses for biomonitoring of air pollution, no article has addressed so far the use and the accumulation performance of a cloned moss for this purpose. In this work, a direct comparison of metal accumulation between bags filled with a Sphagnum palustre L. clone or with native(More)
Lichen and moss bags as monitoring device in urban areas. Part II: trace elements content in living and dead biomonitors and comparison with synthetic materials. Environmental Pollution 146, 392-399. properties of airborne particulate matter (PM 10) collected by automatic device and biomonitors in a Mediterranean urban environment. Atmospheric Environment(More)
We present a study of the oxygen abundance relative to hydrogen in the equatorial streamer belt of the solar corona during the recent period of activity minimum. The oxygen abundance is derived from the spectroscopic observations of the outer corona performed during 1996 with the Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer (SOHO) in the ultraviolet region. This(More)
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