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Permission is granted to quote short excerpts and to reproduce figures and tables from this report, provided that the source of such material is fully acknowledged. Abstract—This paper addresses the problem of computing the three-dimensional (3-D) path of a moving rigid object using a calibrated stereoscopic vision setup. The proposed system begins by(More)
We read with great interest the recent original research article by Bjerregaard et al. [1]. By reporting pertinent 30-day outcomes for fast-track chest tube removal following video-assisted thoracoscopic (VATS) lobectomy with <500 ml in 24 h, this paper has the potential to change thoracic surgical practice regarding safe acceptable upper limits of pleural(More)
OBJECTIVE Prolonged alveolar air leak (PAAL) is a frequent occurrence after lobectomy or lesser resections. The resulting complications and their impact are not well understood. Our aims are to prospectively determine the incidence and severity of PAAL after pulmonary resection using the Thoracic Morbidity & Mortality classification system and to identify(More)
BACKGROUND Using the thoracic morbidity and mortality classification to document all postoperative adverse events between October 2012 and February 2014, we created surgeon-specific outcome reports (SSORs) to promote self-assessment and to implement a divisional continuous quality improvement (CQI) program, on the construct of positive deviance, to improve(More)
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