Sébastien Garrigues

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—This study investigates the representativeness of land cover and leaf area index (LAI) sampled by a global network of sites to be used for the evaluation of land biophysical products, such as LAI or fAPAR, derived from current satellite systems. The networks of sites considered include 100 sites where ground measurements of LAI or fAPAR have been performed(More)
—The spatial structures displayed by remote sensing imagery are essential information characterizing the nature and the scale of spatial variation of Earth surface processes. This paper provides a new approach to characterize the spatial structures within remote sensing imagery using stochastic models and geo-statistic metrics. Up to now, the second-order(More)
The Kalideos reference datasets (http://kalideos.cnes.fr), initiated in 2002, aim at providing the scientific community with time series of multi-sensors (optical and radar) and multi-resolution remote sensing imagery. Up to now, three reference datasets have been developed over multi-thematic sites: Fundulea, Romania; the Reunion island, France; and the(More)
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