Sébastien Garnier

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Tool Condition Monitoring (TCM) systems can improve productivity and ensure workpiece quality, yet, there is a lack of reliable TCM solutions for complex and flexible industrial manufacturing. TCM methods which include the characteristics of the cut seem to be particularly suitable for these demanding applications. In the first section of this paper, three(More)
The paper focuses on the robust identification of geometrical and elastostatic parameters of robotic manipulator. The main attention is paid to the efficiency improvement of the identification algorithm. To increase the identification accuracy, it is proposed to apply the weighted least square technique that employs a new algorithm for assigning of the(More)
Polyelectrolytes in dilute solutions (0.01 mmol/L) adsorb in a two-dimensional lamellar phase to oppositely charged lipid monolayers at the air/water interface. The interchain separation is monitored by Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction. On monolayer compression, the interchain separation decreases to a factor of two. To investigate the influence of the(More)
The present paper proposes a methodology to optimize process parameters for trimming applications with diamond abrasive cutters. This methodology is based on the study of quality of trimmed surface, through material integrity and surface roughness, and on the study of cutting mechanisms. Their evolutions according to tool parameters and cutting conditions(More)