Sébastien Etchepareborde

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OBJECTIVES To determine reference values of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) concentrations in the aqueous humor of control dogs. To show whether these values are significantly different from those obtained in dogs affected with intraocular pathology: acute anterior uveitis (AAU) or chronic primary angle closure glaucoma (PACG). METHODS Forty-four dogs(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate variation in rima glottidis (RG) area and lack of epiglottic-glottic seal (LEGS) of the canine larynx associated with different suture anchor points in the arytenoid and cricoid cartilages, dissection of the cricoarytenoid joint capsule, section of the interarytenoid band, and disarticulation of the cricothyroid joint. STUDY DESIGN(More)
A 5-year-old Belgian Malinois dog was presented for evaluation of dyspnea of 1-month duration. Tracheal intussusception was diagnosed by tracheoscopy. Treatment consisted of surgical resection of the invaginated tracheal ring and the immediate cranial and caudal tracheal rings. The dog recovered uneventfully; complications included temporary emphysema after(More)
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