Sébastien Doeraene

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Declarative dataflow values are single assignment variables such that all operations needing their values wait automatically until the values are available. Adding threads and declarative dataflow values to a functional language gives declarative concurrency, a model in which concurrency is deterministic and explicit synchronization is not needed. In our(More)
Whole-program optimizations are powerful tools that can dramatically improve performance, size and other aspects of programs. Because they depend on global knowledge, they must typically be reapplied to the whole program when small changes are made, which makes them too slow for the development cycle. This is an issue for some environments that require, or(More)
A programming language is network-transparent if the same program code executes with the same results, whether it is run in a centralized or distributed setting, provided there is no partial failure. The Erlang programming language is network-transparent and handle failures by message passing. We propose in this paper a generalization of the Erlang failure(More)
Hundreds of programming languages compile to JavaScript. Yet, most of them fail, at one level or another, to provide satisfactory interoperability with JavaScript APIs. This is limiting, as interoperability is at least required to manipulate web pages through the DOM API, but also to use the eco-system of existing JavaScript libraries. This paper presents(More)
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