Sébastien Darfeuille

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In this paper, two silicon-integrated differential active bandpass filters are presented. The first one is a recursive filter based on a cellular approach. This circuit is independently tunable in terms of power transmission gain, center frequency, and bandwidth. The chip surface is less than 1.4 mm<sup>2</sup>. For this prototype, measurements demonstrate(More)
In this paper, a fully-differential low noise amplifier based on a classical cascode topology enhanced with noise cancelling technique is presented. This circuit achieves a 0.1-1.7 GHz bandwidth. The chip surface is less than 0.8 mm<sup>2</sup>. Measured circuit gain is greater than 18 dB and the 3 dB bandwidth is reached for a frequency of 18 GHz. The(More)
In this paper a tool written with the scripting language PERL and looking for &#x201C;big buffer&#x201D; configurations in analogue circuit designs is introduced. A big buffer is obtained when one or several big PMOS transistor (PMOST) and a small NMOS transistor (NMOST) are connected together while their gates are pulled-down to ground. During an(More)
Testing an RF device in Production is expensive and technically difficult. At Wafer Test level, the RF probing technologies hardly fulfil the industrial test requirements in terms of accuracy, reliability and cost. At Package test level testing the RF parameters requires expensive RF equipments (RF automated test equipments (ATE)) and for complex RF(More)
Silicon technology in CMOS and BiCMOS processes are now showing very interesting intrinsic characteristics. Two 2-GHz 2.7 V differential filter topologies are designed and analyzed in this paper. The first circuit is a filter based on an LC-Q enhanced topology, consuming less than 6.1 mA. It shows at the center frequency a 20-dB power transmission gain, a(More)
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