Sébastien Courtin

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Quantum tunnelling through a potential barrier (such as occurs in nuclear fusion) is very sensitive to the detailed structure of the system and its intrinsic degrees of freedom. A strong increase of the fusion probability has been observed for heavy deformed nuclei. In light exotic nuclei such as 6He, 11Li and 11Be (termed 'halo' nuclei), the neutron matter(More)
A Condorcet social choice procedure elects the candidate that beats every other candidate under simple majority when such a candidate exists. The reinforcement axiom roughly states that given two groups of individuals, if these two groups select the same alternative, then this alternative must also be selected by their union. Condorcet social choice(More)
  • N L Achouri, F De, Oliveira Santos, M Lewitowicz, B Blank, J Äystö +75 others
  • 2011
First results of the Instrumentation Line for the deep-sea ANTARES neutrino telescope Quantification of ion-induced molecular fragmentation of isolated 2-deoxy-D-ribose molecules 16 O from γ-ray angular distributions witha 4π-detector array Charge exchange emission from solar wind helium ions Astrophys.
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