Sébastien Courtin

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A series of biaxial High Cycle Fatigue tests at room temperature is performed to build up an extensive and well-documented database. The testing specimen is a maltese cross thinned in its centre with non homogeneous strain/stress fields. The experimental protocol uses exclusively full-field strain measurements. The strains (cyclic and residual) as well as(More)
The reinforcement axiom roughly states that when an alternative is selected by two di§erent constituencies, it must also be selected by their union. Hare and Coombs rules are special cases of sequential positional voting rules which are known to violate this axiom. In this paper, we Örst show that reinforcement can be violated by all such rules. We then(More)
A Condorcet social choice procedure elects the candidate that beats every other candidate under simple majority when such a candidate exists. The reinforcement axiom roughly states that given two groups of individuals, if these two groups select the same alternative, then this alternative must also be selected by their union. Condorcet social choice(More)
This work provides necessary and sufficient conditions for the dominance solvability of approval voting games. Our conditions are very simple since they are based on the approval relation, a binary relation between the alternatives. We distinguish between two sorts of dominance solvability and prove that the most stringent one leads to the election of the(More)
The desirability relation was introduced by Isbell (1958) to qualitatively compare the a priori influence of voters in a simple game. In this paper, we extend this desirability relation to simple games with coalition structure. In these games, players organize themselves into a priori disjoint coalitions. It appears that the desirability relation defined in(More)
This paper describes two beta decay experiments performed at the CERN/ISOLDE mass separator. The structure of Kr has been studied using a total absorption γ spectrometer (TAgS). The measured Gamow-Teller strength is presented and compared to HFBCS+QRPA calculations. The Na decay is also presented. The structure of the Mg daughter nucleus is compared to(More)
S. Nummela, F. Nowacki, P. Baumann, E. Caurier, J. Cederkäll, S. Courtin, P. Dessagne, A. Jokinen, A. Knipper, G. Le Scornet, L. G. Lyapin, Ch. Miehé, M. Oinonen, E. Poirier, Z. Radivojevic, M. Ramdhane, W. H. Trzaska, G. Walter, J. Äystö, and the ISOLDE Collaboration Department of Physics, University of Jyväskylä, P.O. Box 35, Jyväskylä, Finland(More)