Sébastien Brandt

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In order to successfully perform the 3D reconstruction in electron tomography, transmission electron microscope images must be accurately aligned or registered. So far, the problem is solved by either manually showing the corresponding fiducial markers from the set of images or automatically using simple correlation between the images on several rotations(More)
Accurate image alignment is needed for computing three-dimensional reconstructions from transmission electron microscope tilt series. So far, the best results have been obtained by using colloidal gold beads as fiducial markers. If their use has not been possible for some reason, the only option has been the automatic cross-correlation-based registration(More)
In this paper, a new framework for the synchronization of chaotic systems is presented. The synchronization problem of a large class of chaotic systems is formulated as an observer synthesis problem for an appropriate class of linear parameter-varying (LPV) systems. The result introduced in this paper shows that LPV techniques can successfully be used in(More)
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